Saturday, March 6, 2010

Inky Livie has Sprung !

Winter is coming to a close in Chicago and I am pretty excited ! I woke up this morning looking at today's temperature = 44 degrees ! That is the first I've in over 4 months ! Ready to roll down the car windows, stash away all our winter gear, do a little bit of spring cleaning, and most importantly - bloom to a fresh new you for the Spring Season!

Look out Spring, Bebot Squad is in effect !

Check out this lovely card set created by Inky Livie from San Francisco, CA. A pinay that seems to be holding up real well with her Etsy shop. She is a graphic designer that specializes in ready made and custom wedding invitations and other paper arts ! I love her style as she uses a bright, whimsical colors and designs ! Enjoy.

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