Friday, October 19, 2007

Our TEAM ETSY is Born !!

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hi -i got your previous message, and have created the team page. since wejust relaunched the newly redesigned pages, it will just take a couplehours til we can add it to the teams list, but we'll get it on there asap.thanks!-sara.

Magandang hapon to my sister bebot!! Welcome to our Blogspot !

Because we are forming a new group with artists from all over the world, this will take time to get use to. We joined this group with an open mind and plenty of support.
I recieved great responses and looking forward to growing with you, prosper your business, and to possibly form life long friendships.

I am not one to post blogs on a daily basis nor am I one that has expections!
I am only the administrator and the 'go to' person of the group.
If you are one of the original members listed in our previous blog, I will email you individually and ask a few simple questions so we can get *etsybebotsquad goin.

!!!!! OUR goal is to keep it simple and to a minimum with EFFECTIVE communication. This means that this blog will be only used to PROMOTE our handmade items by uploading images and providing detailed description on the item.
Our Message Board Forum is listed under: This will be used to communicate our ideas, marketing tips, advice, upcoming events, and, if necessary, personal news.!!!!

So with that, I will close this out as we know we have our LIVES to live.
Members, please check your Etsy Conversation and respond to me with your info at your earliest. Looking forward to showing off your talent !! Keep it real and in roots !!


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pattile said...

Thank you, Elaine, for this great opportunity. I have a few artist friends in Manila. Can we invite them to join?

Marketing tips would be a great- and very helpful- addition, too. I'm so clueless when it comes to business:)